Education & Certification

We offer a host of educational resources for prospective board members. Our Director Certification webinar curriculum provides information for building foundational knowledge about becoming effective board leaders. We then merge this with networking at our Directors Symposium events, which give members the opportunity to engage with current board members and governance experts. Both programs provide attendees with a Director Certification upon completion.


Director Certification

A series of educational webinars focused on building the requisite foundational knowledge to serve as an effective board member.

Our curriculum is designed by the Directors Institute leadership, along with leading governance experts, to augment an executive’s competence both when considering and performing in a board role.

Upon completion of our required curriculum and additional electives, executives leave with an enhanced knowledge of the board room and demonstrated knowledge through our board accreditation to share when being considered for board membership.

Click “Learn More” to preview a free, introductory webinar, and to download an outline of our curriculum.

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Core Topics include:

  • Boardroom Basics
  • Audit
  • Governance
  • HR & Compensation
Electives include:

  • Nonprofit boards
  • Private Company boards
  • Strategy
  • Succession & Talent Development

Directors Symposium™



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Directors Symposium™ events connect senior executives with current board members in a collaborative setting, providing participants the opportunity to engage in insightful two-way dialogue with governance experts.

The events, designed to enhance both participants’ networks and knowledge base, provide opportunities for attendees to:

  • Learn and listen from experienced directors – and to have an opportunity from these interactions to build network connections with active directors;
  • Begin to learn how to navigate the complex and often byzantine board selection process, which is heavily dependent on networks as well as the value they can bring to a board;
  • Learn how to effectively translate executive leadership experience in a way that maximizes opportunity for board selection and leadership opportunities;
  • Build a foundational level of knowledge needed to be an effective board member.