Premium Products

Being competitive for board membership is about knowledge, opportunity, and relationships – each of our unique products is designed to help our members to take real, concrete steps towards board service.

Each premium product also includes the benefits of basic membership.

  • Board Network Map™

    A customized network map depicting a member’s first and second-degree connections within the board world. The product visualizes where a member’s relationships exist, so that he or she may use the power of introductions and referrals to gain visibility for board opportunities.

  • Board Triggers™

    An annual subscription to receive notifications of anything from a director departure or an open director searches which could signal board membership opportunities.

  • Board Bio

    A board bio and resume differs from one used when looking for a corporate work position.  We help our members by highlighting their experience and translating their executive skillsets to board skillset in a format well-suited for a potential board position.

  • LinkedIn Visibility

    According to major surveys of the boardroom, 90% of board members look to their own networks when seeking to fill a board seat. LinkedIn is a crucial networking tool, and we ensure that you maximize its potential to increase your board network presence.

  • Directorship Heat Map™

    Our proprietary, customized study of the companies for which an executive could be a solid board match, based on factors including industry and functional expertise.

  • DirectorSource™ Premium Placement

    Premium placement in DirectorSource allows governance chairs and board search firms to see you first when looking for a new director – and to learn more than just the information included in basic membership, to include a full resume, biography, and board profile.

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