Building a Broader Board Network

DirectorSourceTM is a proprietary database built to connect our talented and diverse membership with governance committees, chairmen, and board search firms all looking to engage board talent.


By joining DirectorSource, you will become visible to a network of our affiliate companies, which engage our members for prospective board leadership opportunities.

Your Board Profile will be visible to our affiliate companies who are either looking for director talent to fill an immediate board opening, or viewing profiles on an ongoing basis.  (Your name and contact information are kept both anonymous and confidential).

Our affiliates have an incentive to look at DirectorSourceTM first, because it provides a pre-screened list of executives without the cost of a retained search engagement.  You will be among the first to be considered for new openings.

  • Our members are our clients, so you can be assured that our interests align with our ability to widely grow your network and to increase both your visibility and competitiveness for board seat openings.
  • Your profile with DirectorSource, unlike with other membership organizations, is more than a “check the box” exercise that loosely and broadly categorizes your functional and industry expertise – we don’t believe our executives fit into boxes.  Your DirectorSource profile represents you to companies in a way that highlights not only your technical expertise, but speaks to your personality in a way that indicates how you might match a board’s unique culture.
  • Be eligible for our weekly Board Opportunities – open board searches conducted for our affiliate companies.

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Corporations & Organizations

Is your board seeking to recruit a new board member?  DirectorSource provides access to a broader and more diverse pool of pre-qualified prospective directors – at no cost.

Whether you have an immediate or future requirement to recruit a board member – we cast a wider net in identifying candidates outside of your board’s network, all without the expense of a retained search.

  • Unlike board search firms and other “membership” organizations, we do not charge companies a recruitment fee for engaging our members as candidates for open board seats, nor do we charge a placement fee.  Therefore, our members are not limited to a finite number of “client” companies, but rather have access to a much wider network of potential board opportunities.
  • Our affiliate companies do not only engage DirectorSource when they have an immediate need for a new board member, but rather have access to our membership on an ongoing basis.

Contact us at to become an affiliate company, and recruit board candidates from our membership (at no cost).