About Us

The Directors’ Institute – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit –was formed to connect a broader, and more diverse group of executives to the board room.  We offer the resources and tools to help prospective directors join their first public, private, and charitable boards.

While other leading membership organizations exclude prospective directors, we are focused exclusively on helping the next generation of board leadership build the networks and knowledge that will allow them the opportunity to add their talent to the boardroom.

We’ve designed our membership, our premium products, and our director education resources to enhance our members’ competitiveness for board membership – by equipping them with knowledge and tools to augment their visibility and qualifications for board opportunities.

Based on our countless interactions with senior executives – even the most qualified don’t know where or how to begin being considered for a board position.  We formed our organization to address those needs for our members, especially as board seat turnover is expected to accelerate in the coming decade.