Why Directors Institute?

Our Mission

The Directors’ Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Our Mission – to help drive change in the American board room, by helping a broader cross-section of executives to be competitive for board service, and by so doing to help improve the diversity of the board, the effectiveness of corporate governance, and the competitiveness of American companies.

Therefore, we provide value to our Members, to Companies and Organizations, and to the broader Shareholder community.


Our Value

Members:  We help prospective board members by enhancing their knowledge, identifying opportunities, and developing the networks so critical to attaining a board seat.

We offer free membership in addition to premium products, to help identify the opportunities and build the board-level networks that can help increase your competitiveness and visibility for board seats.

Through our Board Certification program, our webinar curriculum provides in-depth educational information to enhance our members’ understanding of the boardroom.  We also provide the practical foundational knowledge that can lead to effective board leadership.

Our Directors’ Symposium events merge our educational preparation with the networking so critical to gaining visibility for board opportunities.  We provide attendees the opportunity to interact live with current board members and governance experts, both in an effort to learn and to build a broader board network.

Corporations:  We provide corporations the opportunity to cast a wider net when identifying and recruiting new board members, without the significant expense of a retained search.

At no cost, we offer corporations access to a talented and diverse pool of board candidates through DirectorSource – our database featuring the next generation of board leadership.  Each of our members and Director Symposium attendees is immediately visible to a community of governance and nominating committees, chairmen, and board search firms – all seeking the opportunity to engage board-level talent.  Corporations have an incentive to search DirectorSource first, because it allows them to consider a broader and more diverse pool of candidates without the expense of a retained search.

Shareholders:  As a mission-driven nonprofit, it is our intent to make a positive impact on American governance and in the shareholder community. 

We believe that the American corporate governance system can benefit from increased diversity in thought, experience, age, gender, and background – it is our desire to help make a more diverse group competitive for board leadership.

By simply enhancing the qualifications and visibility of a broader group of prospective board members – we can help improve corporate governance and thus the competitiveness of American companies.