Why Join?

Why do executives join The Directors’ Institute?

Because each shares a common goal: to serve at the senior level as a member of a board.  Our job is to help our members get there.

Yet even with a common goal, our membership is composed of a diverse group, each with unique qualifications and specific timelines for board service, so a “one size fits all” approach simply doesn’t work.

To meet these distinct needs, our membership advantages range from direct access to important information to customized and proprietary products, each designed to help you reach your goal of getting on a public, private or non-profit board.


Basic Membership

As a non-profit, our mission is to help build next generation board leadership – which is why we offer a host of resources for our members at no cost.

We believe that by providing free access to educational and networking resources, we can help a more diverse and more qualified cross-section of executives gain access to board seats, and thus contribute to positive change in the American corporate governance landscape.

Our basic, free membership fee provides foundational and newsworthy information and includes:

  • News on corporate governance.
  • Access to studies of boardroom composition, new member assimilation, and boardroom effectiveness.
  • Invitations to our networking and educational event series, including Directors SymposiumTM


Premium Products

For those ready to tie information with action, we offer a selection of additional products which may be added to our basic membership.

Our premium products are designed to address the three dimensions that we believe critical increasing your competitiveness for board membership:

  • Enhance your knowledge – through educational and informational resources.
  • Identify opportunities - let you know where and when board seats are becoming vacant.
  • Develop your networks - provide the tools to identify the key board-level connections in your existing network, and help build actionable steps to leverage those connections to additional contacts and to board opportunities.


Director Education

We offer educational certifications which can be earned both online or in-person at our Directors Symposium events.

Online Director Certification Curriculum: a webinar series designed for prospective directors seeking the flexibility of completing their certification over time.  We feature a proprietary core curriculum, designed by board members and governance experts.  Our core curriculum is augmented by functional courses, as well as courses that match your goals in terms of serving on a public, private or nonprofit board(s).

Directors Symposium Events: live events for prospective directors, hosted in major cities throughout the U.S.  These events provide not only the educational experience that comes with the Director Certification, but augments education with networking.  Our events are led by public, private and nonprofit directors, in addition to leading governance experts, and are designed to help prospective directors learn and network through engaging two-way dialogue.